XXXXX advertising Co., LTD. Was set up with * * * * years, the geographical position is superior, is a collection of product advertising design, production and release as one professional advertising company. In the advertising works, advertising design, advertising, advertising publishing, lighting engineering field accumulated rich experience.The company has a set of * * * molding equipment, carving machine, LED lighting products, neon lights, and other special equipment, as well as a group proficient business, experienced, skilled, strong responsibility design, manufacture and installation of a professional team.
As a professional advertisement company, XXXX advertising based on advertising industry, innovation, and the courage to challenge, adhering to the road have how far, our service is how far the service idea, adhere to the strategy as the forerunner, take the brand service as the core, to our customers to provide a full
About us
Light box, signs, building lighting engineering, neon lights engineering, steel structure engineering; Yakeli stereo luminous words, painting word, guangzhou yuyi

Business projects
Advertisement project

Outdoor advertising light boxes, signs, outdoor billboards, LED stereo luminous words, copper character bronze medal, advertisement wall, antiaircraft guns advertising,

Product introduction
Indoor advertising: light box advertising, exhibition board, the company LOGO (image) wall, company background board,
Carving series: organic glass, snow eph plate, double color boards, PVC plate
Photo penhui: all kinds of indoor and outdoor photo, body photo, etc.
Advertising products: organic glass products, plate, guide plate, fence, billboards, outdoor brand, guidepost, copper image design, sample, propaganda materials, posters,